Kettlebells provide one of the most efficient workouts possible. Each movement involves a large of amount of intermuscular coordination and core stabilization. This section includes tons of exercises and some fat burning routines.




Exercises You Are Probably Doing Wrong

When I look around the gym I see tons of little errors people are making with their lifting technique. It's important to keep form tight to not only minimize injury but also to maximize the effectiveness of every repetition. These videos go over common mistakes in popular exercises.

Functional and Non-Traditional Workouts

Sitting on a machine at a gym is not a very effective way to train if your goal is to burn fat and build core strength. There are a number of other tools you can implement to gain strength while burning tons of calories such as the TRX, Battle Ropes, Rip Trainer and more. These tools are gaining popularity and popping up in mainstream gyms around the country. These videos show exercises and workouts using non-traditional methods and functional tools. 

Exercises You Should Be Doing

Bodybuilders sometimes fall into the trap of using the same exercises over and over. This section covers some of the most beneficial exercises that the majority of people are not currently incorporating into their workout routine. 


My Workouts

These are clips from my own workouts organized by body parts.