As a health and fitness professional I understand how important it is immerse and surround yourself with information and affirmation of your hard work. I never intend to be the sole source of information and implore you to use some of the same resources I do.

Online Sources


General Health and Diet

Bulletpoof Executive is Dave Asprey's creation. It's all about achieving a state of optimum performance through diet, bio-hacking, new weird gadgets and more. He's the inventor of the bulletproof coffee recipe I and almost all my clients use. I love most of the podcasts that he has done and I have to say this comes in as my most listened to health focused podcast. I am aligned with Dave's views on most things. One thing to keep in mind however is that his work is more geared towards the 90% of the population who's main goals are to be lean, healthy, and happy. That 10% who seek explosive performance and more muscle or wish to be in the elite in terms of physical composition may find it there are a few things you need to tweak or investigate. That being said he has had interviews with plenty of elite athletes. Check it out!

Marks daily apple has a lot of good info, I'm a fan of his primal blueprint podcast. I think he puts out the right energy and info and anytime I see him as a guest on someones show I always check it out. I love his "primal laws" that are based off of our own evolutionary biology.

Fitness and performance focused

This is Kelly Starretts creation and I really like how he makes mobility training a part of daily living. I refer clients to his website often where there is a HUGE amount of info and mobilization techniques. Kelly has a great way of explaining things and being interesting at the same time, hes another person I never miss as a guest on a show.

Ben's another person I was interested in after hearing them as a guest on the bulletproof radio podcast. His stuff his a little more geared toward endurance athletes but hes a former bodybuilder as well. I really appreciate the stuff he covers about how athletes are able to perform at a high level with limited carbs as long as the body is fat adapted.

Power Athlete Radio. Now this is more geared towards strength/explosive performance and weight training. Good info I've listened to a handful of the podcasts always interesting. Really like the one with kelly starrett as well as the one with John Meadows. 



Becoming a supple leopard, Kelly Starrett. Absolutely vital for the average person who doesn't have a background in exercise physiology. It can be used as a reference guide but is a great read for fitness pros just starting out and the average gym goer


Hardcore Bodybuilding: A scientific Approach, Fred Hatfield. This book had a very large influence on my training theory and practices. Its a must for anyone who is looking to gain muscle in my opinion. Not because it lays everything out perfectly, but it gives you a frame work to individualize from.


The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you consider yourself a bodybuilder and you don't own this, then either buy it today or leave this site and never come back. Its great not just for the theory in it but also the history. Great to have around and for beginners to read through. Keep in mind most people think the volume prescribed in the workouts is a little too much.


Movement Impairment Sydromes, Shirley Sahrmann. This is more geared towards the fitness professional. Great for reference and helping you identify and treat common movement issues.