Ketosis- Is it for you?

Many people are misinformed (or underinformed?) about ketosis and it's effects on the body. I get asked often if its dangerous to go into ketosis, and I respond by saying that its dangerous not to.You want to be metabolically flexible and not depend on sugars for energy. Also your blood sugar levels become more stable as you become more insulin sensitive. Bodybuilders often fear losing muscle but I have noticed this is not the case if properly managed. This article explores the topic of ketosis and whether it would be beneficial for you based on your goals.

Some people are so desperate to lose body fat that they go to extremes that may cause major hormonal problems down the road. Others are simply misinformed and approach training for fat loss incorrectly. There are many variables that go into proper programming for losing fat, check out this article and make sure you have them all correct.

I won my class in my physique show doing zero conventional cardio. If you dread those rows of cardio machines as much as I do, check out this article to see how you can shed the body fat while avoiding cardio. 





How To Cut Bodyfat Quickly

When trying to get lean its best to not rush things. This ensures you retain most of your muscle and also keeps energy levels high. Additionally your mood will likely be better. However, there are times that call for a quick reduction in bodyfat. It could be a photo shoot, wedding, vacation, or anything that you have a short time to prepare for. While this is not a long term solution, this protocol can help you reach your short term goals.






How Fat Affects Testosterone

Both body fat and dietary fat have a large impact on your hormone levels. Avoiding dietary fats or having excess body fat will blunt testosterone production. Learn how to optimize testosterone levels by consuming the right fats.



Did you know those calorie counters on cardio machines are wildly inaccurate? How many calories are you actually burning during physical activity? What is the most efficient form of cardio and how should you program it into your routine? Find out how much your actually burning during cardio and other physical activities and whether you're preferred form of cardio is actually working for you.




Ranking The 10 Best and Worst Cardio Machines

Not all cardio was created equal. Its kinda like saying all resistance training is the same. This article covers which machines in the gym give you the best calorie burning workouts and which ones you should avoid wasting time on. 





How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

It's funny how many peoples goals change from when they first started their weight loss journey. Initially it was just 10 lbs, next it was to tighten up certain areas. As you continue to become leaner the bodyfat you do have may even start to bug you more. Losing that last bit of stubborn body fat can be a tough process and leads many to sabotage all their hard work by wrecking their metabolism. Follow these steps to get rid of that last bit of fat.






5 Easy Recipes For Fat Loss and Lean Muscle

One of the most common complaints I hear from clients is they either don't have time to or or don't know what to cook. Its simple when its a part of your lifestyle. These are 5 easy and tasty recipes all gluten free and "paleo".





Here's Why You're Still Fat Even Though You Workout

I have seen many people stall and then give up on their weight loss journey. Undoubtedly it must be very frustrating to be trying so hard and putting in the time without comprobable results. There are a number of reasons your progress is stalled but this article covers a few common ones and how to get back on track. 





Intermittent fasting overview








My cutting protocol 










Common mistakes when cutting










Becoming Fat Adapted











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The calorie myth- we are not designed to be fat