If you want to have good level of mobility you need to be able to master an array of squats. This will ensure your hips, spine, and all the musculature of your legs are able to work together in an efficient manner and decrease the chance of injury. Spoiler alert: there are no smith machine or hack squats on this list.





Over the years I have seen countless people injure their shoulders performing the bench press. Don't let one of your favorite exercises become an enemy, follow these tips to make sure you live to bench another day.

Squatting is not only an important exercise to do in the gym, its a basic function humans performs daily. Yet many people use improper movement patterns that typically lead to injury. Use this checklist to make sure you are performing your squats correctly.




Mobility Overview












What dictates your level of mobility?











How to get your butt do its job!












Get more depth in your squat pt 1: open those hip











How to get more depth in your squat pt 2: Ankle Mobility











Extreme Stretching For Extreme Muscle Growth