The 7 deadly sins of the Standard American Diet

This started as me covering some nutrition basics and ended as a rant about mistakes made by the average American, and the health risks posed if one falls into the common pitfalls. America has had either the first or second highest rate of obesity for over 50 years, as well as a slew of health conditions related to metabolic dysfunction. What are we doing that is so different and how can we be saved? 


Exploring the Epidemic: Heart Disease

I'm not a registered dietitian or an expert on nutritional biochemistry. I'm not a researcher looking under the microscope, no I'm just a personal trainer. I am, however, a reasonably intelligent fella, and I'm very obsessive compulsive. I think these two articles will demonstrate that fully. See I am the kind of person who is very methodical (obsessive) when it comes to making a decision. I do not come to a viewpoint hastily and am very self critical so if I make a decision on a subject I want to be 100% confident in it and my justifications.

Accepting a viewpoint with no skepticism or confirmation is basically allowing other people to think for you. I think if you are going to take a side on any issue that is of divided opinions, you must be able to eliminate self bias. For example, when looking at different studies published concerning a topic it's important to not only review favorable studies. Not only this but its also important to not be influenced by other aspects as well such as subject populations, public opinion, or the date of the studies. The most recent or accepted study is not always indicative of the best to base opinions on. The best studies to base opinions are, well, the best studies. The ones with the largest sample size and best control group. The ones that cover the longest amount of time and have been replicated the most. These are the ones with the most justifiable conclusions. Examine the data for yourself. And then I believe you should look at studies that show the other viewpoint and critiques of both. Find critiques of the critiques if you can! Its only after this process and going so far into the rabbit hole for a couple months on this that I feel confident enough in my own viewpoint to present it to you. May it be the catalyst for you to go down that same rabbit hole and investigate your health for yourself.

Part 1- Breaking Down the Diet-Heart and Lipid Hypothesis: What are the mechanisms of coronary heart disease?

Part 2- Statin Therapy: Lifesavers or Biggest Pharmaceutical Fraud Ever? 

If you want gain lean muscle you have to properly fuel yourself to make it happen. It's not a matter of simply stuffing your face every 2 hours, gut health and hormones need to be taken into consideration. Make sure to include these 7 foods as staples in your diet if trying to gain muscle.





How To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone

Having optimal levels of the hormone testosterone not only improves your body composition, it improves your mood and overall quality of life. If you want to get your test levels as high as naturally possible follow this guide.



10 Great Pre Workout Snacks

Nutrient timing can make a difference in your physique and most definitely in your workouts. These pre workout snacks are great options if you cant get a full meal in.





Coconut Oil- Health Superfood Or Fad?

It's difficult to recall but there was a time when coconut oil was thought to be harmful and many people avoided using it. Now it is the go-to oil for all the trendy health people but is it all its cracked up to be? Spoiler- Yes it is

Reverse dieting is a great tool to speed up the metabolism when fat loss stalls. Additionally it can be used to avoid rapid weight gain after a long diet and cutting process. Although it is not always necessary for everyone, this protocol is ideal for someone who has pushed their body very hard in the pursuit of fat loss.  



IIFYM is wildly popular now-a-days in large part because it says its ok to eat things like pop tarts to reach your carbohydrate totals for the day. But does IIFYM really work? And how does it compare to just good ole clean eating? 






Nutritio Mistakes

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Nutrition Basics- What I do and what I have my clients do

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