High Intensity Techniques

As you progress on your fitness journey you will reach a point where it becomes more and more difficult to get the same results you once had. The gains come slower. This is when you need to step up your intensity and incorporate some of the techniques covered in this article

This guide is intended for people who do not currently have what I would consider a solid foundation. If you are new to resistance training please check this out, it covers how to go about your first couple weeks of resistance training and some basic information.

It seems every time you open a fitness magazine there is some great new program being advertised as the secret to getting the body you want. In reality your program needs to be tailored to your specific needs in order to get full benefits. Stop doing what the cover models say they do and start figuring out how to program and choose for yourself. This article covers a slew of programs I have experience with and goes over some basic training parameters to consider when designing your personal workout plan.



Some muscles aren't that “sexy” or “fun” to workout but still play major roles in your physique. There are countless articles and videos on how to get a bigger chest or arms, but what about the overlooked hidden muscles that we often forget about? Make sure to pay attention to these areas to have a complete balanced physique.




Most people go through "bulking" and "cutting" phases. But is this the best way or even necessary? The truth is most people can build muscle while losing fat. This article gives the gives you the protocols to make this happen.





How To Build Biceps- 3 Tricks To Make Them Grow






I can remember flexing my biceps as a kid and asking my family to squeeze it. For men having impressive biceps is something striven for from a very young age. For me personally my biceps are probably my weakest body part but I have made great strides with these tricks.



Everyone wants abs, but no one wants to do whats necessary to get them. No matter how much muscle you have and how strong you are, if you are lacking visible abs your physique will not be complete. A potbelly is attractive on no one so use this guide to get the washboard abs you want.



If you have struggled to gain muscle at the rate you desire then read this to see if you are taking all the necessary steps and covering all your bases. At the end of the day to gain muscle you simply need a surplus of calories with adequate protein and to stress your body physically by lifting heavy things. But its when you optimize how to do this that you will achieve the lean mass gains you are looking for.

If you look around the gym during prime time its a guarantee that you can pick out at least ten people doing things incorrectly. Whether you are a beginner or have been working out for a long time you may be guilty of these 10 mistakes and limiting your gains in the gym.




11 Ways To Build Muscle and Lose Fat Faster

There's no secret formula to achieving you ideal physique. It takes years of consistency but if you follow these tips you will ensure that you are taking the quickest route possible.





10 Ways You Are Wasting Time In The Gym

Going to the gym doesn't ensure that you are going to get the results you are after. It's not matter of just checking the gym off your to-do list. You have to have the right mindset and avoid these common mistakes that lead to wasted time in the gym. 


7 Secrets About Crossfit

Crossfit has become very mainstream and has tons of supporters as well as detractors. Is crossfit for you? Is it for anyone? Read this article to find out the truth about crossfit training.




Essential Moves For Strength Training

As a bodybuilder you should have a foundation of strength. This is built by incorporating some tried and true exercises guaranteed to increase total body strength and build a dense muscular physique.


3 Easy Steps To Become More Effective At every Exercise

Every rep counts. You need to make the most out of every single one of them. Many people do not achieve optimal tension on the target muscle. This 3 step checklist will help ensure you are using the best mechanics and posture possible to get the most out of every exercise.

1 Powerful Technique To Increase Muscle Growth And Separation

Extreme stretching is a way to build muscle, create more muscle separation, increase tendon strength and joint stability, and improve overall mobility. It has been incorporated by the pros for years but never has really gone mainstream. This article covers how to incorporate extreme stretching in detail. 




3 Ways To Break Through Plateaus

We've all been there. Days, weeks, even months are flying by as our PRs increase and our physique improves almost daily. Eventually we all come to a point where progress stalls. Its important to evaluate what is causing you to stall so you can follow the best course of action to break through the plateau. Here are 3 ways that will help you get out of your rut. 


6 Most Effective Exercises For Adding Mass

You have to have an appreciable amount of muscle mass before you start incorporating fancy isolation exercises and techniques. These are the 6 tried and true movements that should form the backbone of your workout program when you are a beginner or looking to increase size.





5 Best Exercises For Building Traps

Traps certainly have a large impact on your physique. They can enhance it greatly or be the cause of poor posture and mechanics. Incorporate a selection of exercises that hits all three parts of the traps. 


5 Leg Training Tips To Maximize Gains and Minimize Injuries

When I see people squat in the gym or even on social media I typically cringe and turn away. Not only are most people getting very little out of their workouts, they will inevitably injure themselves. Follow these 5 tips to make sure you maximize your gains while minimizing risk of injury.


We all have different goals in our fitness journey. Some want to be as strong as possible, some want to be as big as possible. Then there are those who want to have the aesthetic look the bodybuilders of the 70's were famous for. People like Serge Nubret, Frank Zane, and Arnold were more interested in a balanced physique and a small waist than having bloated muscles along with a bloated stomach that is common in today's top bodybuilders. This article outlines how to craft that Golden Age aesthetic look. 


Training opposing muscles will not only result in an insane pump it could also help increase your strength and balance out your physique. Arnold usually incorporated this style of training into his program. This article provides a detailed intermediate level program to follow. 




Training Philosphies Of The Greats

One of the best aspects of bodybuilding is that it is very individual in nature. It allows for a certain amount of creativity and intuitiveness. This is a reason why some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time have such varying philosophies when it comes to training. What works for one persons specific genetics and personality type may not work from someone else. In this article we examine the training philosophies of some of the most influential people in the history of bodybuilding. 



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