One time diet program- $40 includes

  • Detailed questionnaire to help me design the best diet plan based off of your individual goals and food preferences. 
  • Individualized meal plans for variety of diets such as: paleo, vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, pescatarian etc.
  • Macronutrient goals for the day as well as each meal and sample meals that meet the caloric requirements
  • Supplement protocol 
  • Details on how to progress the diet if further fat loss is needed or how to reverse diet if lean muscle gain becomes goal 
  • Email access to me for any nutritional questions with 24 hour response time for 3 months. 

One time training program- $60

  • Detailed questionnaire to help me design the optimal workout program based of your goals,  muscular imbalances, and lifestyle. 
  • No cookie cutter workouts this is a personalized 3 month workout program with details on weekly/monthly progressions and information on how to apply certain intensity techniques and cues on how to get the most out of every lift
  • Detailed mobility program including where and how to foam roll/ lacrosse ball on your body, specific stretches, and corrective exercises to either ease pain or simply optimize movement patterns 
  • Email access to me for any training questions with 24 hour response time for 3 months 

One time diet + training program- $90

  • Take out all the guess work by getting the diet, supplement and training protocols in one program 
  • Discounted price

Monthly Online Coaching $100/month or discounted rate at $225 for 3 months

  • Includes diet, supplement, and training protocols
  • For all populations including : men contest prep, women contest prep, post rehab training, general mobility training, beginners, advanced, elderly, young etc I have worked with them all extensively 
  • Includes 15-30 minute initial skype/facetime consultation where we go over your history and goals and I have you do a couple mobility tests like squats etc. for me to see your specific imbalances.
  • Email and text access to me with rapid response times, usually just an hour or 2 but always under 12 hours. 
  • Detailed client tracking sheet sent to you weekly with updates to diet and training
  • Weekly checkins on sundays. Send me some body pics and I adjust diet/ training as needed based off how much fat your holding, where your holding it, if muscles are becoming asymmetrical etc.
  • For competitors posing help and suggestions based off check in pics

If you need to reach me for anything at all please email me at

Whether its a training inquiry, a suggestion for a video/article, or just a question feel free to shoot me an email and I will get back to ASAP, within 24 hours.


Currently I am training out of 2 locations

Rise Fitness is based in Orange, CA. Our 2300 sq ft warehouse facility is based on functional and dynamic workouts and we have an assortment of free weights, resistance machines, cardio equipment, and a collection of alternative training tools like kettlebells, tires, ropes, clubs, maces, kickboxing equipment, sand bags and much more. I am currently accepting clients for my group training program on Saturdays at 9am.



Additionally I am working in the beautiful and affluent Newport Coast in a gorgeous boutique facility that will meet all your needs. This facility has top of the line equipment from rogue fitness including power racks, reverse hypers, glute ham deck, stairmasters and other cardio equipment, vibration plate and much more in a beautiful facility with polished wood floors and glass walls. Currently I am accepting private clients at this location.